Answers to frequently asked questions about The Club at Snoqualmie Ridge weather data | Gary Kerr
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is this weather data for Snoqualmie Ridge better than using data delivered by, AccuWeather or other Internet weather services?

A:, AccuWeather, and similar weather services post weather data that is recorded at the closest major airport. The major airfield closest to Snoqualmie is Renton Field in Renton, WA., which is - as the crow flies - some 10 miles from Snoqualmie. Weather conditions can vary greatly between the two locales.

Q: Why can your weather data differ somewhat from other weather data in the area?

A: The physical position of a weather station plays an important role in recording weather data. Fortunately this station is located well away from major obstacles (e.g., commercial buildings, large trees, etc.). Looking at the northwest as a whole there are many "micro-climates." So different weather conditions can be observed between two weather stations even if they are just a quarter-mile away from each other.

Q: How often is the weather data updated?

A: Every 2-1/2 seconds a data packet is sent from the weather station to the desktop console. The system is configured to upload the most recent data automatically at 15 minute intervals. The weather posted at quarter-past, half-past, three quarters-past, and at the top of the hour.

Q: How is your forecast generated?

A: Windfall, barometric pressure, rain, temperature, humidity, rain, longitude, and latitude are used with an algorithm to forecast conditions. Perfect? No, but this approach offers a fairly reasonably accurate forecast.

Q: Why do dashes appear on your posts in place of actual weather data?

A: This weather station transmits data by radio frequency (i.e., RF). Sometimes global environment conditions interupt RF transmissions from the weather station outside to the desktop console inside that uploads data to the online website. As a result, dashes may appear in place of actual weather data values, or in some cases there may be mis-reads (e.g., temperature = 3250 °F.