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  • Soak cedar planks in water for 4-6 hrs. Brush olive oil on planks before placing fish. Potlach Seasoning is sprinkled on fish. width:640;;height:426
  • Halibut and salmon are basted every 10-15 mins with olive oil and dollops of lemon butter. width:640;;height:426
  • Chicken marinated in Maui-style teriyaki sauce marinade. Turn chicken over after 15 mins. width:640;;height:426
  • Temperature controls for both grill burners are set halfway between Medium and High. width:640;;height:426
  • Oil dripping off the planks may create flare-ups so keep a spray bottle with water handy. width:640;;height:426
  • Cook fish about 30-40 mins. Chicken for about 20-25 mins. Steak for 20 mins. width:640;;height:426
  • Jumbo prawns turn red when done (10 mins). Bast prawns with butter+oil every few mins. All is ready in about 45 mins. width:640;;height:426
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