Page updated Sunday, January 1, 2023

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SMOKED TURKEY – Smoking a turkey for Thanksgiving and Christmas has become a tradition for us. We're using a Traeger brand wood-pellet-based smoker and baste the 23-lb. turkey hourly with wine and butter. What a great taste!

Turkey smoked in a Trager-brand smoker


GRILLING SALMON – Salmon and halibut grilled on cedar planks has become a summertime favorite of our family. While there are many ways to grill salmon, the process I've refiined and shown here has proven to produce great tasting results.

Grilled salmon and halibut


NEW ORLEANS –In 2011 we were invited to tailgate in Baton Rouge, LA when the UW Huskies played the LSU Tigers. Our host Kevin Macaluso ensured that we experienced a great portion of what NOLA has to offer. Eight from our Husky tailgating group made this memorable trip.

Jackson Square, New Orleans


TAILGATING – For 39 consecutive years tailgating at University of Washington Husky football games has been one of our favorite Fall activities. These photos are the last before the new Husky Stadium was constructed. Regardless of the Huskies win-loss record, we have a great time. RIP Roger Shaw.

Husky football tailgating


SNOQUALMIE FALLS – Some 5,000 years ago the glaciers receded and left a fertile plain and magnificant 300-foot waterfall. During heavy rain, water pouring over the falls has reached upwards of 80,000 cubic feet-per-second.

Snoqualmie Falls